Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.0


Шаг 1

Шаг 1

Шаг 1Forbid resume due antivirus scanning

This rule denies resuming interrupted data transfer (e.g. caused by a network error). If files transmitted by FTP are scanned, it is recommended to enable this rule (files transmitted “in pieces” cannot be reliably scanned).

Forbid upload

Deny storing data at FTP servers — this rule is already defined and it is satisfactory to switch it on if you intend to use it.

Forbid *.mpg, *.mp3 and *.mpeg files

This option denies transmission of sound files of the listed formats. This rule is already available and it can be enabled easily.

Forbid *.avi files

This rule will deny transmission of video files. Enable this rule, use the Edit button to open the appropriate dialog and define the Labor time time range in the Advanced tab.

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